The Mother of All,

Earth, turned the mortal Giants against the immortal Gods of Olympus. The Gods chased the Giants, who retreated fearful. The God of the Sea, Poseidon, had undertaken, at the command of Zeus, to eliminate the Giant Polyvotis, who crossed the Aegean in fear of being saved. Poseidon made him close to Kos island. Poseidon with his trident, took a part of Kos and hurtled it against Giant Polyvotis. Poseidon managed to hit the Giant and mocked him. This piece of Kos became the Island Nisyros.

A dormant Volcano

that consists of about 20 craters, 10 of which are evident, Stefanos (one of the largest well-preserved hydrothermal craters in the world), Alexandros, Polybotes; waiting for you to explore and travel with your imagination in time. 

Folk culture and tradition,

paleochristian monuments, ancient Greek buildings with retained architectural character and references in the epic poems of Homer are only a few of the ingredients that make this place unique.